Childbirth Education Classes

Whether it is gleaned from past generations or learned from evidence based research; education is going to be the key to discovering your own personal empowerment and making the decisions that create your special and unique birth and postpartum experience.

Class Series Overview
There are hundreds of choices to make in your birth and postpartum journey and a childbirth education class will educate you and your partner on all available options, help determine the best decision for you and assist you in presenting your decisions to your care provider in an organized way.  As a Childbirth Educator, I am excited to offer this service to expecting families in both a private class and group class format covering the following topics:
beePrenatal nutrition & exercise
beeEasing pregnancy discomforts
beeBonding with your pregnancy
beeCreating a birth plan
beeStages of labor & natural coping strategies
beeUnderstanding informed choice and consent
beeMedical interventions and procedures
beeOptimal fetal positioning
beeManaging labor naturally
beeNewborn Procedures
beeNewborn Care Basics

beeGroup Classes – $275 per couple
beePrivate Classes – $350 per couple

Recommended Readings:

The Birth Partner (Author: Penny Simkin)

The Attachment Pregnancy (Authors: Laurel Wilson & Tracy Wilson Peters)

Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth (Author: Ina May Gaskin)

The Ultimate Breastfeeding Book of Answers (Authors: Jack Newman M.D. & Teresa Pitman)

The Baby Book (Authors: William Sears, Martha Sears, Robert Sears & James Sears)