Provider Spotlight – Massage Therapy

Name: Daniela Arnold. Licensed Massage Therapist

Contact Information: Email: Phone: (661) 313-5087

Location: Pure Births 25880 Tournament Rd #109, Valencia, CA 91355 & In Home

What do you love most about your job?

The most rewarding part is when they leave my table wearing a smile, and more relaxed face, or I can actually see their flexibility is improved! It’s always so wonderful to see them come out, turning their head from side to side with no issue, saying “Look, I couldn’t turn this way this morning!”

When did you realize massage was the field you wanted to pursue?

At 13, I was in a bad car accident, and diagnosed with chronic neck and back pain. I realized how vital massage therapy was to be able to minimize my pain and still be able to move and have fun with my friends.

How has becoming a mom influence how you approach your clients?

Becoming a mom has given me a new outlook to my practice. Not only do I have much more compassion for parents in general, but I understand that complete sacrifice of self a mother gives to her child and family. We need to revitalize our bodies and minds so we can keep up with our little ones, and remain patient and alert when trying to teach them the ways of the world. How can you teach them to be their best if we are not rested and healthy?

What is your favorite thing about becoming a mom?

There’s so much joy that comes out of being a mom! It’s hard to choose a favorite thing. It makes me overjoyed each morning when my son is awake, and I say “Good morning!” He greets me in return with the hugest smile, and the way his eyes light up at me just melts my heart!

How do you pamper yourself?

I have to give myself a pedicure every once in awhile. It’s always been something I’ve done on a regular basis, and while I don’t do it as often, I make sure at least once a month to treat my feet! I also try to keep up with chiropractic adjustments when I can to keep my body aligned, and massages to help my muscles recover from pampering clients and baby!

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